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Fully owned by Salhia Real Estate Company, Haddia Holding is a specialist in high-quality care for the elderly. The company owns and operates six nursing homes in the Hamburg area of Northern Germany.

Buchenhof Nursing Home
Situated on the main shopping street in the suberb of Quickborn Buchenhof Nursing Home occupies a 4,110 m2 site. It was built in 1991, renovated in 1993, and bought by Haddia in 2000. The single and double rooms cater for 89 people. Each room has its own telephone line and wiring for television – most also have their own bathrooms. Guests can relax in the beautiful park-like grounds, or sit peacefully by the pond.
Klingenberg Nursing Home
This home is also located in Quickborn, right next to Buchenhof, in 10,480 m2 of park-like grounds. Klingenberg was built in stages in 1977, 1985, 1999 and 2002. Haddia acquired it in 2001, subsequently implementing an expansion and modernizing programme. It now offers a comfortable home to 126 residents. All single and double rooms have their own bathrooms and balconies, telephone line and television wiring.
Appen Nursing Home
Appen is located in an attractive residential suburb of Hamburg. The site, recently extended, now measures 8,871 m2. Built in 2003, it features striking architecture, décor and quality of accommodation, with grand halls, wide corridors, and an impressive lobby. The 118 light and airy single and double rooms have their own bathrooms and balconies or terraces. In addition, Appen houses La Santé café/bistro, a convenient social meeting point.
Fuenf-Seen-Allee Nursing Home
Located in an attractive residential area in Ploen, this distinctive home is approximately 100 km north of Hamburg in an area known for its spectacular lakes. Haddia built Fuenf-Seen-Allee in 2004 on 7,365 m2 of land featuring excellent architecture, décor and quality of living. With spacious common areas and a welcoming lobby, the home offers a comfortable lifestyle to 154 people. The single and double rooms are all equipped with bathrooms and balconies. La Rose café is located on the property and a popular social venue.
Lindenblick Nursing Home
Lindenblick is in Bad Schwartau, a well-known spa 60 kilometres north of Hamburg. The home was built in 1993 on 2,425 m2 of land, and was acquired by Haddia in 1998. Built to modern standards, Lindenblick offers a high-quality lifestyle. It has a beautiful garden with a pond for walks and relaxing. With capacity for 63 residents, the comfortable single and double rooms have their own bathrooms, balconies, telephone lines and television wiring.
Wiesengrund Nursing Home
Near Lindenblick, also in Bad Schwartau, Wiesengrund sits in 9,762 m2 of landscaped grounds. Built in 2001 with attractive décor and a high standard of living, the home employs experienced nursing staff. The single and double rooms house up to 143 guests, all with bathrooms and balconies. The public coffee shop Galerie is a popular gathering-place.